Sanne was an easy kid. She always did her own thing and if other children crossed her road, they were always more than welcome. She had loads of friends but was also very good at doing things on her own. She was a kid that loved to do creative things, loved crafts, painting, plants and cuttings, but she also brought a pile of garbage home sometimes to build cabins (which she let a 'very nice men' transport it to our home for her).


She talked a lot, but started to become understandable at the age of 5. However this never was a problem since she perfectly knew how to make herself understandable with her 'hands and feet'. She loved animals.


If we think about Sanne we think of:

Someone to have a good time with, loveable, helpful, creative, sprightly, life enthusiastic, reliable, funny, social, dedicated, enterprising and sincere.

She knows what she wants and likes and that is what she fights for, regardless what other people might think.

Sanne is simply a beautiful human being!

What my parents wrote for me:

What my parents wrote for me:

How my fellow honours students defined me during our profile workshops:

Hard worker





Strengths Profile test

Assigned by my Manager

Top 5 of strengths that can be found in everything I do:

1. Social intelligence

Being aware of the motives/feelings of others and oneself; knowing what to do to fit into different social situations; knowing what makes other people tick.

2. Creativity

Thinking of novel and productive ways to conceptualize and do things; includes artistic achievement but is not limited to it.

3. Curiosity

Taking an interest in ongoing experience for its own sake; finding subjects and topics fascinating; exploring and discovering.

4. Kindness

Doing favors and good deeds for others; helping them; taking care of them.

5. Love

Valuing close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing & caring are reciprocated; being close to people.

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